entry categories


Military Figures

1-F  Full Figures (all scales)

2-F  Full Figure Busts (all scales) 

Military Naval

1-N   Full Hull (all scales)

Military Aircraft

1-A   Multi-wing/Rigged & Gliders (all scales) 

2-A  Single Engine Prop Aircraft (1/72 scale and smaller)

3-A  Single Engine Prop Aircraft (1/48 scale) 

4-A  Single Engine Prop Aircraft (1/32 scale and larger) 

5-A  Multi-Engine Prop Aircraft(all scales)

6-A  Jet Engine Aircraft(1/72 scale and smaller)

7-A  Jet Engine Aircraft(1/48 scale)

8-A  Jet Engine Aircraft(1/32 scale and larger)

Military Vehicles

1-T  Axis 1900 to 1945 (1/72 scale or smaller)

2-T  Axis 1900 to 1945 (1/48 to 1/35 scale)

3-T  Axis 1900 to 1945 (Larger than 1/35 scale)

4-T  Allied 1900 to 1945(1/72 scale or smaller)

5-T  Allied 1900 to 1945(1/48 to 1/35 scale)

6-T  Allied 1900 to 1945(Larger than 1/35 scale)

7-T  Modern 1946 to Present (1/72 scale or smaller)

8-T  Modern 1946 to Present (1/48 to 1/35 scale)

9-T  Modern 1946 to Present (Larger than 1/35 scale)

10-T Half Track & Wheeled & Ordnance (all scales and eras)

Military Dioramas & Vignettes

 1-V  Single subject vignette (all categories and scales)

 2-V  Single or multi-vehicle diorama (all categories and scales)

Military Junior (Ages <18 Years old)

1-J  All entries (all categories and scales)



Military Display Only

 1- D  All categories and scales (not judged)