Save yourself the hassle of filling out your registration form at the show.  All Entrants are encouraged to fill out, print and bring their registration form t the show to help expedite the registration process.

Download the writeable/saveable PDF AMMS Registration form (Below). Your information can be typed directly onto the form from your computer and printed. One form is required for each model entry.  Please note that you will have to save the form to your computer first before you fill it out. Information entered before saving the form to your computer may not get saved the first time.


Show Admission - $15  unlimited entries.

Free for Juniors under 18 years - unlimited entries

General Admission for visitors - $2. 

Please note that if you bring a large number of models to be judged at the show (>10 Models) you may be asked to enter them as one entry or as a collection under our Display Only Category. Show Organizers will use their discretion based on number of entries, space required and time constraints to judge such a group. If you want to avoid any hassles but still want to bring a large number of modellers, please contact the show Organizers in advance!

Cash Only Please - An ATM machines is located on the premises, however cash is only accepted at the show admissions desk. 

Please be respectful to our volunteer judges and to the show organizers. This helps to ensure the judges are not overwhelmed and that the show ends at the prescribed time.  Thank you for your understanding!

If a guest simply wishes to bring his or her models for display only purposes, no registration is required and the general admission fare applies.  Please keep in mind that display only pieces are subject to available space.